Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Nuketown Map

So Nuketown is back and is bigger and better than ever. This new gameplay trailer is the first released look at the map that since it was announced that the it would be making its return to the series hugely successful multiplayer. This new version of Nuketown is built brand new from top to bottom with the same feel of original and the retro version form Black ops 2, but with more verticality of the map. A lot of the new movement mechanic of the Call of Duty Black ops 3 that allows for players to free-run and use the new boost system that add even more height to the normal height.

The build of the map allows for those who like to run and gun the ability to pull off amazing shots and not loose any momentum jump from one surface to the other or jump to back to ground level. As you will see in the trailer all the movement abilities sliding, wall running, double jump, and more. The weapons handling will also work great as you scale higher in the map than before.

Another major upgrade map are is the environment as a whole. Everything in game has been overhauled to give that artificial feel of map. The trees for example beside being different colored the leafs start to fall off but instead of hitting the grown they float up to sky and either disappear or vaporize because they are not their or on the ground anymore. This process even happens to the moving trucks in the middle of the map that are a classic symbol even have this little environmental upgrade, with the roof of the trucks vanishing in to thing air like the trees. It is un-clear whether the roofs of the trucks will be solid the only reason to believe this is because the matter that makes up the in game roof is floating away.

The lighting in game has been overhauled everything will be a lot brighter than in the previous versions of the Nuketown maps. Everything is brighter and really adds that touch of “brighter Future” that is being created in game. The environment also has new stand in figures that are well stationary robots that when shot or blown up they have no real rag doll effect but they do fall apart each time they are hit by gun fire or completely destroyed by explosives.

Another cool little thing about this trailer is we also get to see some of the new weapons in action. Things like the new combat axe being through followed by a quick burst of assault rifle fire. Also a new kill streak being introduced is a controllable missile that has a small gun in side that allows you to shoot anyone around and then a crash mode to use the main explosive its self, if a small missile is not your thing than you will also have a massive off map support gunship so you’ll be able to rain death upon your enemies after a certain amount in kill streak.

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