Call of Duty “New Era”

Today the developers of Advance Warfare released a statement on what they want Advanced Warfare to turn into for the new generation of consoles. The co-founder of Sledgehammer Games Glen Schofield in an interview with Xbox magazine was quoted as saying “We looked back at the history of Call of Duty, and I don’t know if you remember when Modern Warfare came out, for those of us in the industry who weren’t at Activision at the time, it really blew us away,” in regards to what Schofield said for the time in 2007 the announcement of Modern Warfare was a huge thing because at the time The most popular type of military shooters where the games that’ took place on the many battlefields during the Second World War. However the co-founders have made it very clear that This years call of Duty will be the beginning of a new era in the Call of Duty Franchise because of the sheer will of the development team working on the this project.


   Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare_Induction_Vision_Mode_Active      Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-Screenshot-12      DesigningCallofduty610     Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-E3-2    call_of_duty_advanced_warfare_4