Black Ops March Content Update

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 fans rejoice for today the developers have released this month content update. The new content coming includes 2 new weapons, 3 new melee attack weapons, and 15 new celebration moves. All the new things coming to Black ops 3 will either make or break you in game and give winning a game a little more gloating for the little extra feeling of greatness before the next match.

So there are two new guns coming to Call of Duty Black Ops 3 market place. One is a remade classic sub machine gun the other is a new revolver style Sniper rifle. The designation of the new Sub Machine gun is called the “HG-40”. The HG-40 is the remade modern Sub Machine Gun of an old classic specifically the German Army World War 2 classic the Machine Pistol 40 “MP-40” for short. The HG-40 just like the MX Grand released with the last game update for Black ops 3 give a modern retro feel with the modernized versions of world war two weapons. The HG-40 is a combination of firepower and rate of fire, it will be a great addition to those who love the up close encounters and getting the drop on them first. The second new gun is a revolver style sniper rifle called the RSA Interdiction. This sniper rifle is more of a sniper rifle for players that need to move across the map fast. The RSA is high on the noise factor so it is best to keep on the move with this weapon equipped. The trailer even says that this rifle is not for those of the camping variety of player.

Now lets talk melee weapons. This time around we have a curvy sword, a cleaver, and a Baseball bat. The Baseball bat is just that a baseball bat. This melee weapon give a very very satisfying home run sound when a player knocks his enemy into the next decade. The other melee weapons is a short curvy bladed sword or dagger. This dagger weapon is a interesting piece of gear that give speed to recover from one attack to get into another stabbing attack on another target that is close to the target you killed. Last are the cleavers. The cleaver is a large bladed knife that is like most other knives but this due to its size is a slow melee weapon. The Cleaver is best for when your back against the wall in a face to face fight against one individual due to its size.

Now for the 15 added moves in this content update. There are now more flips more dances more ways to gloat when you win a match.

So there you have it all of the new content that is available for Black ops 3 is now yours with this newly released update. For all other call of duty black ops 3 add ons or even a copy of the game checkout Call of Duty Black ops 3 now on its official gaming page on Amazon. Also PlayStation gamers get new maps a full month a head of Xbox and PC.