Black Ops III Cybercore Chaos Ability Trailer

Lately the Black ops 3 development team has been showering fans of the series with new trailers, and brief gameplay shots of the main story. Today is no different because today we get our first full look at one of the new Cybercore abilities.Trey Arch has promised that Black ops 3 would be the next step into a future that call of duty is paving forward into what the developers believe the future of war will look like, Cybercore Chaos the first to be explained and the rest may soon follow.

So Cybercores the new game changing technology that will be giving our Black ops soldiers in game an advantage that the their foes will not have. One of the soon to be cybercores is called “Immolation” that has the fun little trick of setting off grenades that your enemy foot soldiers or enemy robots are not currently using against you. This fun little trick will be usable for as log as you want and will work even better when the enemies deiced to crowd around each other or even if they are behind shields.

Another great cybercore that will become a fan favorite is called “Firefly swarm” This one has been seen in previously released trailer and is as its name say it is, they are as swarm of tiny robot fly’s that when a less than friendly enemy shows up attacks them and burns them to a tiny crisps. They will act as a active defense system for you and your squad if when playing as co-op with a team of your own making.

The first Cybercore mention at the beginning of the trailer is almost the same as the shock knuckles from Black ops 2. This ability is called “Electronic strike” this as the name says will is a hand blow that shocks foot soldiers with a lethal jolt that will shoot through their bodies. This will also work just as well on the robot soldiers, and is one of the best ways to make melee combat end a lot a faster so you can keep marching forward to fight.

Finally who does not want to make their enemies sick before death. Well the guys down at Trey Arch thought about it and well they pout it in the game as well. In the trailer the ability called “Sonic Anti personal”. This little beauty will cause all of your enemies to bend over in pain grabbing their guts in pain and collapsing to their knees before death. Sonic AP however does has some short coming like it has a limited kill radius and will not get all the enemies in a single locations.

Cybercores will give all those playing Black ops 3 a way to save ammo while completely destroying your enemies. There is also a question on how this will work on multiplayer matches. Trey Arch most definitely has a plan not just to add the core’s but also have them in way that they complement your play style with out being over powered.

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