Black Ops 3 – The Giant Zombie Map

Today for all those waiting to see what the next installment of the Black Ops series will bring to Call of Duty Zombies checkout the newly released trailer from the development staff at Treyarch. The trailer is mix and mash of new gameplay with some of the returning cast of characters from the World War 2 zombie’s similar to Black Ops 2. The line up in this new version of Call of Duty Zombies will feature a new character called the ‘Giant’ who is some sort of experimental human that in the announcement trailer kill the German officer. There are a host of new weapons and most of the weapons gear and gadgets from the solo story will be playable in games.

First up are the weapons of the new Zombie add on for Black Ops 3. One of the new and probably the most iconic will be a new plasma shooting laser. This weapon fire a sort of pink laser and cuts clean through the advancing Zombie hordes. So other new weapons that are coming to Black ops zombies are a mix of old a new for example the Sten sub Machine gun a World War 2 British special forces weapons seem to be making a return with a new style scope so you can pick off zombies from a distances. There are also some what are character only weapons like the samurai sword for the surviving Japanese member of the team. Finally the new Bowie Knife to cut down those that get too close for comfort so feel free to hack and slash away.

As for the power ups it appears from the trailer you will also have access most of or all of the cybernetic abilities. In the trailer you see some of the characters sliding and jumping to speed and heights that are available to us in the Solo missions. Also do not expect to see the cybercore abilities but in stead something a little powerful than what is available in the solo portion of the game. Making its classical and funny return the music monkey bomb. Everyone’s favorite wind-up toy monkey bomb will becoming back with a little more this time completely destroy the zombies standing between you and either you team, wall weapons mount, soda dispenser or even between point a to b this little will defiantly work.

Black Ops 3 will have two different Zombie modes. One being this one “Giant Zombie” the other is just the regular Zombie mode with a fresh cast of characters in a new location with a Las Vegas feel to it. The setting in the second mode will look like a mix of mid 20th century America with all the fun and fire power of 2065 American military. This mode as well is a 50/50 chance of seeing cybercore or special cybercore to deal with the Zombies. Also no special weapons have been announced or if it will be a surprise when the game finally releases.

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