Black Ops 3 Story Trailer

Black Ops 3 is on its way to being fully finished today we get the Story trailer. There has been so much talk about the multiplayer and the big move from PlayStation 4 as the big name console for all Call of Duty for the foreseeable future of the series. The Story trailer is talking about a new villain that will is a traitor to the Black ops Unit. The trailer also seems to have a deep under lying physiological story because of the new way that the soldiers are connected with neural interface. However this is just the tip of the ice berg to say because so far the names of the new black op team members has yet to be released and it is unknown how the main story will tie into Black ops 3 ad if the main characters is even related to the Mason family.

First of Black ops 3 takes place in a future were the United States Military has cybernetic super soldiers so Advance that they have no equal on the battlefield. The story seems to focus on an unnamed enemy faction that has some how corrupted a team of Black ops super soldiers. So from the trailer it clear that there is a deeper conspiracy at the very depths of the main story.

The question to how it connects to Black ops 2 is clear from the beginning when the trailer opens with world on the brink of total chaos and anarchy mostly due to the attack by the drones on major American an city from Black ops 2 and also due to the massive cyber attack by Mendez terrorist organization that attack all major infrastructure of the United States. One of the character who most likely will be playable says that they wanted to make a perfect world and he wanted to become a killing machine and that is what the government made him.

Another thing about the trailer is close to the ending were an unnamed playable characters has strange flashbacks of second world war hardware such as the panther tank and some sort of tree that may or may not play a major role in the story. It also appears that the mental health of the main character will be a key issue of the story in that something that id reminiscent to the first two entries of the Black ops series.

The gear for Black ops has always be high tech however black ops 3 takes this history and brings it up to eleven because of all the new high tech toys you will have full access too. Beside the bionic limbs there will also be a mini super computer implanted in your head. Here is were the trailer and the game will have layers wondering if this is if this implant is the case for the Black ops team to go MIA and cause some sort of bug that cause the soldier to be corrupted by out side forces. One this is sure we will all find out when Call of Duty release in Novemeber.

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