Black Ops 3 Story Overview

Today we have special treat last week we had the trip of our lives seeing the hot mess that the Back ops 3 story will be giving players a little bit of mystery, followed by a bit a hallucinations, and a dark future that is full of cyborg super soldiers. However today Trey Arch has released a trailer of a lot of the development staff talk about their plans for the game and how they really want to make a world that full emerges the gamer in a world that will make what you think you know is going to happen and completely turn it on its head.

However one of the biggest feature just shown off in this trailer is the new hide out area where you will be stationed in between missions and be able to customize everything from your character to weapons. Call of Duty Black ops takes the customization of the full environment. As a fun thing to do in between missions there will also be a terminal where players can read articles and military briefings about what is going on in the back ground of the story of Call of Duty Blacks ops 3, and this will provide a better understanding of the new world that is Black ops 3.

The story of Blacks ops this time around is so full of so many twists and turns surrounding all that is going in the present time of the game and how the time gap with black ops 2. Black ops 3 will definitely be a breed on to itself because of the events that lead to this new nightmarish world that we find the new heroes of the series fighting to save what little order that seems to be left in this incarnation of Call of Duty. Speaking of the story the developers have stuck to their commitment to make the Call of Duty black ops series as realistic as possible because now they are adding to the story real life issue’s such as the wealth gap getting worse, global warming effects get worse and to top it all off for those bad situations there is even a new cold war and many active proxy wars over increasingly rare materials, fossil fuels and other natural forming resources. All in all the black ops 3 story may only be fiction but a lot of the issue regarding how society is in the game compared to the real world hit a little to close for comfort because thing like global warming and the worsening wealth gap are very real and if it is also entirely possible that a new cold war may happen due the fact that the natural resources that we use every day are running out and may actual cause a new stand off by the worlds superpowers again.

The Call of Duty series has also come in first place as the most anticipated game across all platforms were as Halo 5 came in for Xbox and Uncharted fro PlayStation. Black ops will release in November across all gaming platforms and as will the season pass. PlayStation owners will now have access to maps before they are available on Xbox or PC. Pre order Call of Duty Black ops 3 on Amazon