Black Ops 3 DLC and Championship

Today we are bring the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 fans out there a treat we are bring you a double feature of both a look at the new DLC for Black ops and the first time ever a Call of Duty Championship matches hosted by Sony PlayStation 4. Please note that this is the first year that Sony is hosting the PlayStation 4 Call of Duty event after Activation moved from Xbox And Microsoft support, content first exclusivity, and well the world Call of Duty Championship. Also we have some information regarding the first DLC to release for game since the November release.

Lets kick it off with the season pass content. The season pass has four main maps and one brand new Zombies map. However there are no new weapons coming to the game for some reason that the main developing studio Treyarch has not said or announced but do not rule out weapons in future expansions of Call of Duty Black Ops 3. The first map is called “Gauntlet” this map is huge. Gauntlet size will be spread across three environments, Gauntlet is a Military training facility in game that will go from a Forrest environment will have high trees and thick brush that will keep players that are snipers decent cover from, the second environment is a frozen arctic environment that presents its own unique challenges like ice and falling through into water to either drown or freeze. The third environment is a rainy urban area that will have great ambush points, cars begging to be blown up, and great vertically for players to jump around. The second map is called “Rise” this map is an abandoned factory were it is believe that the major robotic manufacture was making its military robots for the Military. “Skyjack” is the third map and it is similar to the high rise map will have players a mile high of a city on a giant police hover a carrier over a city. The final multiplayer map is called “Splash”, splash will take place in a abandoned water park, this park will have players swimming more than running jumping or even free running. The Last map is a zombie map called “Der Eisendrache” this will have players and team mates fighting Zombies at a secret Nazi mountain research facility. This facility will be even more over run with Zombies and will have some new Zombie breads and a few other little surprises.

Now for the Championship tournament being hosted by PlayStation. Since Sony and PlayStation got the Call of Duty exclusivity for the foreseeable future call of duty titles even allow PlayStation to live stream multiplayer events. The Championship tournaments may have just started but So far they have entered the semi final on the United States and Europe. The Tournament is not as widely known out side of PlayStation or Sony circles but is available for streaming on the PlayStation Network, YouTube, and the Call of Duty official Twitch.

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