Black Ops 3 – Cybercore Martial

A few days ago The Black ops 3 development staff released a brief trailer about the new Cybercore abilities. The new ability in the trailer is called “Martial”. This trailer give us an even deeper look at the other abilities that will be available once the game releases later this fall. The developers have promised that each Cybercores will add a fresh experience in a sort of way that Advanced Warfare did with the exo suit and the exo abilities.

The first new ability in the “Martial” really bulks ups your combat skills For example Takedown. The Takedown ability is a on hit kill punch that gives you breathing space when surrounded by a group of enemies. This new melee attack works by making physical contact with an enemy and the punch lands on the target a devastating shock wave kills the enemy that you hit and forces all other around or behind the intended target will be blown back a little in order for you to re gain your balance and keep fighting on.

Another Shock wave attack that will be available is called the “Concussive Wave” this attack is something similar to what was in Advanced Warfare. This attack is when you the player jump up to a over a group of enemies and smash down on top of them just like when you boost jumped and pressed the melee button. This ability will complement the first shock wave melee and will work to clear a small area to re gain some breathing room or provide a better position to fire on the enemies in game.

Also making a return to the futuristic battle grounds of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is the over drive function. For those who may not remember Over Drive allowed you the player to speed up your reaction time to the an area of heavy enemy activity and it will also increase your weapons accuracy and allow you to engage more targets around you. It will also make you faster in you melee attacks, reloads and obviously your running.

The Last ability mention here is the Cloak. Now clock is nothing new its been in a lot of games not to mention The previous years Call of Duty but were as in the past clock was meant to be a means to avoid direct contact with the enemy force now it is a tool to help you gain the tactical advantage in the battle space. From the trailer it seems that this cyborcore will last a little longer than a weapons reload so do not expect to be able to maneuver very much. It will get the enemy off your back for a short a mount of time so use this carefully to either re load, pick off enemies or lob a few grenades into a fortified position, take your pick.

As of right now their is no solid evidence that says the Cybercores will be rechargeable over time or if they are battery powered and when the battery dies it game over for that ability till the end, also if they will be upgraded able.

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