Big Gaming June

June is about to entire is first full week and is set to be a major thing. This week is the just one week ahead of E3, we already have big news from a big developer. Next is Arma 3 news about what may or may not be coming out for the massive expansion / DLC Called Apex. We also have a little more information about Mirrors Edge, and Ghost Recon WildLands and Some news of the first real paid for DLC for Tom Clancy’s the Division.

First, let’s talk E3. E3 or the Electronics Entertainment Expo is the largest video gaming convention in the United States possibly the world will start next Monday. This year’s E3 is going to be one of the biggest in recent gaming history for a few reasons. Reason one being this is the first time Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, and Nintendo’s consoles will be receiving a so called “Mid Generation Upgrade”. the confirmed PlayStation 4.5 Neo, and Nintendos “New Console” to release in March of 2017. But the new rumor only a week or two old reports that Microsoft is in the middle of developing two new Xbox’s, supposed to release in the fall called “Slim” the Second called “Scorpio”. Both of the two new rumored Xbox consoles are far more powerful than the current Xbox One and will likely be equal to the PlayStation 4.5 “NEO” on q closer level than the current norm of the current PlayStation out powering the Xbox One.

Next on the menu is Arma 3 Apex. Today the developers took to twitter to announce that Apex will get an official release date at Next week E3 PC press briefing that at the moment is scheduled to happen on June 13th a few hours before Microsofts big Xbox press brief. The full announcement from the developers promised to announce the official release, some new gameplay, the new weaponry, and vehicles are also going to be on full display. From the look of the concept art released today shows Special Forces operators waiting for extraction. As far as we know the developers at bohemia interactive plan on a Big Arma 3 Apex announcement.

Today was also the official announcement of Watch Dogs 2. Today late in the Afternoon Ubisoft sent emails with a time counting down to this Wednesday when the trailer will release. This is not an official confermation that Watch Dogs will replace Assassins creed in the fall for normal holiday season releases.

The Division is getting closer to the release of it full DLC expantion. The first of the three planned DLC will act as a story advancement a few months from the ending of the first story. These new releases will be different from the content expansions in that the actual be longer and have more or less a need for the investagative skills required in the early story mode of The Division.

The big news that will come out in the next few hours over Ubisofts newly announced Watch Dogs two as well speculation about the future of Ghost Recon.

Checkout E3 next week and for all you gaming need checkout Amazon.