Battlefield 5

We have some interesting news in regards to the next Battlefield game into the series. We have reported in the past that the EA ceo has announced that 2016-2017 would be in his words “Huge” for EA trademark series, especially for the Battlefield series. Today it was hinted the time period for “Battlefield 5”. Most games that are shooters first or third person are almost always Military and recently Military shooters have jumped from the past to the present and even tried to make us think about the future. EA is taking Battlefield back to a distant pass, a war that started a hundred years ago World War One.

The report about Battlefield going back in Time to the “Great War” aka World War One. This is interesting due to fact that all games are taking place in the present to near future era of Warfare like Call of Duty Ghost and Arma 3 series that still takes place in a not to distant future with weapons currently being used by the Military. EA is going back to a place never before done due to how the war was and the Technology of the time. This would be the second time that EA goes to an extreme to try and out sell its rival Activation. The first attempt at changing the series was Hardlines and Hardlines was a terrible experience with an unnecessary change in direction that Hardlines introduced with a cops and robber story that took a turn for the worse.

Now for the other question talking about during which battles will be playable in game. The major battles that feature American force during world war one happened in the last major battles of the first world war. One battle that may be what the story will be around is the Battle of Belleau woods in March of 1918. The battle is hands down one of the most famous in the history of the United States Marines Corps. If battlefield 5 does take place during World War one than it stands to logic that the developers would make a game with this story and battle based on Battlefield history of using the American Marines in for the games like Battlefields 3 and 4.

As for the in game feel expect almost everything to be low tech. World War One was one of many invitations like Tanks and fighter planes were created. However non of that other than gas weapon were use in the battle. Battlefield 5 will feature the lowest tech imaginable in terms of play ability and actually have to go back to the old days of health bars and manually have to heal ones self to add to the game. The rifles will be single shot bolt action rifles with machines guns at the trenches.

If Battlefield 5 does take place during World War One have miner exceptions. World War One was a long war due to advancements in defensive weapons like the Machine gun and artillery. Personally I believe it is a mistake doing this because World War One was a defensive war, a war of attrition because neither side was able to gain the advantage until a few year later after its start and entrance by the American expeditionary force. This for know is only speculation as to what maybe.

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