Battlefield 1 analysis

Today we are going to look at the Battlefield 1. What I mean is I’m not going to bash Battlefield but remind people that a lot of what we see especially on the internet is not always what it is played out to be. Battlefield’s head development studio DICE is notorious for their mixed result on highly anticipated games like Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardlines. Not to mention a large number of server related issues, and launch bugs that do not really get fixed till much later on in the games life.

Now on to the main reasons that the trailer maybe a little too good to be true is because there are no real gameplay or story hints provided in the opening trailer. The trailer has a sharp graphical look to it, but let’s be honest there is no possible way that the trailer is running on a current generation console. The definition of each and every bit of the trailer is something most PC gamers have to know too well thanks to the better and better graphic cards that release on a once a year release cycle.

The warfare portion of the trailer is definitely a much need break from all the futuristic warfare coming out of some other camps. The Warfare seen in the Battlefield 1 trailer is just as nasty as the war documents of world war one say it was. The trailer even though its an animated retelling of the first world war shows how nasty the weapons of the time were especially the maces with the spikes and other melee style weapons.

The other positive from the trailer is how the staff developing the game have put so much effort into remaking the vehicles to their original world war one standards and looks.The developers at DICE must’ve spent hours maybe even days footage and information to capture the most realist sounding and feeling vehicles that Battlefield 1 can offer. Everything like the first tanks such as the mark 1 to the two manned french tank that had a revolving turret the first of its kind. The planes also get the same treatment as the tanks. As some historians especially those with a fascination with World War One will know that the first fighters used by the warring powers were called bi-planes and tri- planes. the reason behind the naming was thanks to the levels of wings one of the fighters had.

Even though battlefield has had it far share of failures in the past, battlefield one if done right may make up for the past failures. However we have to take into account that while battlefield games look good with great graphics but the trailer looks to good to be running on any current generation console engines but maybe running on a high performance gaming PC.

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