Batman Arkham Knight November DLC Announcement Trailer

The second to last of the six month DLC promised by RockSteady Studious a few weeks after the official released date of both the game and season pass, as well as the season pass cost. This new DLC will have the final group of DLC’s add on stories leading up to the “Season of Infamy” pack that will have super villains that were not in the main story. However before we look into the the future lets look at this newly released DLC. This DLC for the month of November launches with two new batmobile skins, New Batman vs Superman suit and Batmobile, challenge maps, and the Robin and Catwomen DLC stories.

First the new Robin and Riddler Batmoblie skins. Robins skin is an all ready finish with a massive R on it for obvious reasons, put a part from the nice paint job you will also receive access to the “The first Robin skin”, the skin like the name says it will give those who download it access to the Robin skin in the challenge mod of the game. However for the Ribbler skin the only thing you really get is Batmobile covered in question marks that are green in honor of our favorite Ribble asking loonie Edward Enigma aka the Riddler.

Second up this Movie skin DLC also released. Batman v Superman is still some time away but the guys over at Rocksteady have deiced to give all of us waiting for the movie a taste of the new Batmobile and better look at Batman new suit. The neew Batmobile may have weapons on the hood but those are just for show they do not do anything special. The suit is the same suit that Ben will be in Dawn of Justice this may.The Developers have also have given us access to the Wayne Tech race track adding more challenges to be completed by the various batmobiles.

Lastly Catwomens revenge and Robin flip of the coin. Catwomens revenge is the story of how catwomen take every last dine and cent for a still locked up Riddler. The story has some fighting and takes place a few days after The games ending. Like wise with the flip the coin story Robin is going it solo since well spoilers alert Batman Death in the story. He and Barbara are already married and are look for a Mr. Two Face who manged a daring escape of his own. Both stories are short sweet to the point lime the other released so far. Also October did not see the release of the one of the stories so Rocksteady deiced to give us two for the price of one.

The challenge maps are a couple of new additions but nothing that really stands out very much. The new update released with the dlc grants access to even more achievements for even bigger rewards.

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