Batman Arkham Knight September DLC

As a part of RockSteady promise to deliver new DLC for Batman Arkham Knight for six months after it’s release.

The new content being released for the month of September is the new DLC Story “Nightwing GCPD Lockdown” and the “The Dark Knight 2008 Tumbler” Batmobile along with the Original Arkham Asylum Bat suit.

First part of the monthly DLC is the Nightwing DLC. This add on story will take place after all the events Arkham Knight and will follow Nightwing trying to prevent The Penguins escape from the GCPD holding cell, the one Batman put him in the night of that the game takes place. From a previous gameplay demo the new story open on a rainy day as oracle gives the latest intelligent report regarding the situation at the trashed GCPD building.

The second part of this months DLC is the Tumbler race tracks. The special thing about Arkham Knight was to be able to use the Batmobile for the first time. The Tumbler from the Nolan Batman films is now available to play in both the main mission in free roam but also in the specially built race tracks that are available for it, as well as the other race tracks.

There is a also a new set of challenge maps for Batman, Catwomen Nightwing, Robin, and the Arkham Knight Batmobile. There aren’t any specific details on the challenge maps as of yet however it is possible that some of the missions will feature may be a revers of the missions where they are more predator missions similar to the Batman and Robin cooperative take downs. As for the Batmobile challenges it maybe another round of fighting tanks.

Also the original Batman Arkham Asylum suit from the first two games is also now available for download. You’ll have the ability to beat down thugs in the suit that was part of the game that launched an amazing super hero series and made many re think super hero based games could be come and not what they were in past attepmts at bring our super hero adventurers a little loser to home.

The Final part of the trailer is a small tease of whats to come next so far from what we can see the future seems to include catwoman and the riddler. Also soon the 1960’s Batmobile along with a costume pack will also be releasing for the month of October. Also be sure to expect more achievements and trophies with the up coming DLC’s that will add some new challenges to the game in order to get that coveted 100% completion score.

All of this content is and the previously released is all available on the season pass. The biggest part of The DLC is yet to come and that will be the final Story add on where batman may make a return to save Gotham one last time from an unannounced roster of super villains that will be invading a city missing its hero.

Both Batman Arkham Knight for all platforms including the season pass is avaialbe for purchase onAmazon.