Batman Arkham Knight news

Today more rumors about the newest Batman Arkham entry, Arkham Knight was hit with more rumors about releases date, DLC, DLC suits, and the possible release dates. The first thing the release date, as many may remember the game was delayed just before E3 to sometime in 2015, however the release dates from  multiple video game retailers’ have been February, 24 2015 said by voice of batman Kevin Conway at the Denver Comic-con during an interview about the game. The other dates range from March, 31 2015 to sometime in October of next year. The one confirmed thing is the Scarecrow Nightmare DLC that appears to be the only thing confirmed for the game and is a PlayStation exclusive, also the Harley Quinn DLC. Another rumor is that Nightwing will appears in the game in however its unclear what he will be doing to assist in Batman efforts to stop the villains threating Gotham, But it safe to assume that he will be playing a large roll, just how large is not yet clear. The last DLC rumor is that the bat suit used in the dark knight trilogy “The Dark Knight”,  and the “The Dark Knight Rises” will be downloadable.