Backwards Compatabilitys possible future.

Like what has been previously mentioned about Backwards compatible Xbox games is a new concept came into existence with what both Microsoft and the Xbox team are calling the massive “New Xbox One Experience” the new upgraded operating system that brings windows 10 to your home console. The best part of the update is Backwards Compatibility releasing with a grand total of 104 games from the Xbox 360 total gaming library. How as the holiday season gets started and the second wave of titles is already on the way and will be released later in the month of December or after the new year.

Currently backwards compatibility only works in limited ways. One example is with the Xbox downloadable content cannot be purchased brand new. However whatever downloaded content that you already own will be available for re download the content to the Xbox One via opening the selected game in store and strolling down to the add on section. Here all the original downloadable content that was either free or paid for will be made available. The games that have this so far are Operation Flashpoint, the gears of war series and their expansions packs and weapon skin packs. Also B.C. titles have full play ability with multiplayer matches against people still playing on a Xbox 360, Xbox also plays to maintain Xbox 360 Xbox Live for the for see able future of the until a new Xbox release, Developers stop making Xbox 360 compatible titles.

Now on to the future of BC on Xbox and Xbox One. Well as many of you already now Microsoft and Xbox released a first wave of 104 Xbox 360 games with little to no modification to the game to upgrade the games graphic. however the older 360 games from when the console first released in the mid 2000’s will need some upgrades to support gameplay on the Xbox One. Another possibility for BC is the possibility of original Xbox becoming BC, this has been called a challenge due to how long ago the first Xbox was released and the graphic will need a far amount of upgrading to games like the Splinter Cell the first two Ghost Recon titles and maybe even a few of the Star wars games like Knights of the old republic and Republic Commandos. BC future is something that is not up for debt on whether it is a concept that will be a game changer for the gaming industry the future of this concept may even allow Xbox One owners to buy games that were on the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox if you no longer own the game you want to bring back. Pricing for this concept maybe around $10-$20 only because it would be difficult trying to sell a game from ten or fifteen years ago from an old console no longer exists outside of gaming history.

Will BC is not perfect and preview program members are still helping Microsoft work out the bugs in the system and concept of BC and the New Experience as a whole for anyone considering purchasing an Xbox One now is a perfect time thanks to Amazon Xbox page and have all your Xbox needs fulfilled this Holiday Season.