Assassins Creed Syndicate Character Trailer

Earlier this week the Ubisoft development team working hard to bring the next installation of the Assassins Creed series “Assassins Creed Syndicate” has deiced it is the right time to introduce us to the real life historical figures and characters who lived during the highest point of the British Empires power lead by the famous Queen Victoria. These characters are inventors, authors, political experts, and more. This colorful blend of characters really helps see the real world that was the mid 19th century London.

One of the new characters that was a real person that lived during this period of time in history is the man that wrote the Christmas story “A Christmas Carol” Charles Dickens. The role Dickens plays in game is similar to the real life role he played in showing the difficulties of the “working” class and how they are suffering, starving, and dying all over the streets of London and the factories they were working in at the time. Dickens writes about the hard ships of this class in one of his better known works The Christmas Carol were a rich man learns the error of his ways and begins to share, understand and value people over money. This role in real society at the time puts him on the same side as the Assassins order.

Another influential figure in game is Karl Marx Best known for his strong support of worker rights an the author of the famous Communist Manifesto. Karl Marx for his time was a champion of rights and equality. It is also good to know that his Manifesto is what inspired men like Lenin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh. These men were the faces of Communism during the cold war and be guilty of many atrocities far from Karl Marxes ideas, however he will be helping the twins out in getting the workers to go against their evil employers.

However the supporting cast does not only include famous men but also women Like Florence Nightingale and her royal majesty the Queen Victoria. Lets start with Florence this women is the mother of modern nursing, When Nightingale was alive she took a proactive approach to how she treated those she in charge of taking care of. Queen Victoria was a women of great influence and stature not just in her Empire but all across Europe and the rest of the world. She became known as the Grandmother of Europe because of her extremely conservative on fashion trends and how she thought it was proper for both men and women should dress. Her influence was so reaching the entire 19th century become known as the Victorian Era.

Lastly the 19th century was also a time when radically new inventions, one inventor who appears in the game “Alexander Graham Bell” is one of the men responsible for the creation of the telephone. He will also be providing the twins with some of their upgraded gadgets including a small device that acts a primitive Flash Bang.

This is only just the beginning there will be many more historical figures in game. Pre order Assassins Creed on Amazon