Assassins Creed Interview

Today we have a special treat for you because a few hours ago Ubisoft released a new interview trailer with one of he lead developers giving us a new never before seen back story to the environment of London as a whole. Jeff Skalski goes through all the characters the major the major new changes the gameplay and the Assassins theme selves and a more comedic atmosphere then in imperious installments.

So the first thing that is addressed in the interview that both Eva and Jack will be doing their own little side quest Jack for example will focus a lot on building up the Rooks the street gang the twins are building to take control of the streets of London from the Templar’s who have their own street gangs they use to keep the working class fearful of them their bosses and gives them “encouragement” to work harder. However Eva’s side missions focus on her attempts to get a hidden piece of eden, the very mystic weapons that the Assass and Templar’s have battle for since the crusades from the first game of the Assassins Creed series. The twins will also be able to work on their own story missions as well as team up for missions that are more one assassin can handle.

The lead producer Skalski goes further into the new character such as the Assassin that asked for assistance and the reason that the order sent Eva and Jack. This assassin is from the English territory of India when India still was a part of the British Empire before the end of world war 2. Another new character in the game is a cross dressing man with a mustaches who will be providing information to the the Assassin twins. Also one of the new characters is a little girl who the assassins seem to run into a lot and her role in the story has yet to be confirmed but she maybe a very important part of story in order to bring out the more human sides of the Assassins.

For the villain now the Templar are a host of nasty corrupt and greed members of society that have an iron rip on the not just the streets of London but also the factories. They don’t care who they have to steal from murder. The Main villain the leader of all the Templar’s in London his name is Crawford Tarqe a man who can be cool and collected but become an insane murder at the Drop of a hate. These Templar’s compared to other games from the series seem to be undisciplined, unstable and extremely extremely brutal in their tactics to maintain control of the street.

Also on a lightly touched on topic the gear of our twins will be up gradable in a total resigned system. And both the twin will have their own you unique set of upgrades that will help them in their individual side missions and will be able to compete in under ground fight clubs to earn some extra cash.

Assasssins Creed will release later this year on all Platfrom and is avaialbe for pre order onAmazon