Armored Warfare Holiday Special.

Just before Christmas day the developers released a teaser trailer showing off how the developers want players to enjoy the holiday and new year with top of the line tanks that have festive color skins. A lot of the tanks that are being released are given the designation of ‘ICE’ the Ice stands for the winter themed versions of the Tanks ranging from tier three to tier six. The rest of the bundle is also give five times xp points a first time thing for the series, as well as acting as a Merry Christmas gift to the loyal fans that play on a regular bases. Also we learn the release date of the Chinese Type 59.

The ‘ICE’ is a celebration of winter and the holiday season the provides better power up for tier three to tier six tanks. The ICE skins is a black, grey, white, and red coloring with a panted on picture of a polar bear attacking from the ICE. The tanks that are part of this pack are the M-60A3 Patton Tank with improved Reactive plates, its Eastern Block Rival the T-72, the Russian project tank tier three Object 430, Italy’s answer to German built Leopard 1 tank the OF-40, and finally the Leopard 2 AV.

The lowest of these new premium version tanks is the tier three ‘Object 430’. This tank is given any upgrades or improvements over the version all ready in game. The small improvements to protection an fire come from the skin its self and nothing much else.

The second tier available is the tier four ‘OF-40’, like the 430 it has no real upgrades or enhancements that make it stand out against the original version of the tank. But like the 430 it only gets a small enhancement from the paint job.

The Tier Fives coming in with the M-60 and the T-72. Unlike the previous two the two tier five tanks receive upgrades to their armor with the M-60 getting outer improved reactive plates and the t-72 getting thicker armor than its base version. The new reactive plates on the Patton tank absorbs more damage than the base version as well.

Final the Leopard 2 AV is tier six entry like the tier three and four the tank receives no other upgrades and is only enhanced a small amount with the skin.

The Chinese Type-59 is the new premium work horse for the lighter tiers. The Type-59 was Chinese first domestic made tank from a modified soviet version of the Vehicle. The tank statics are still fully unknown due to the fact that the tank still new and wont be released until January 3rd.

Finally there are several versions of the of the bundle coming out. The first called the big gun bundle will cost you $100 and will feature the full ICE package a long with the previously released Merc bundle that has the full starter package of vehicles with black and red color skins. The other is the full ICE bundle with access to the entire line up of ICE tanks for $40.88.

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