Armored Warfare Tier 9 Release Trailer

This week is huge for the Modern Take on tank and armored vehicles warfare. The Tier 9’s are the most modern of the modern generation of tanks. The majority of vehicles that are of the tier 9 class are western design main battle ranks and medium to light weight class armored Vehicles while their are two Russian designed vehicles. A lot of the upgrades as well for the vehicles are the most modern possible and maybe given more upgrades as people get used to using tier 9 armored vehicles in their matches. Also it is important to mentions that more tanks that are tier 9 will be on the way but did not make it into the cut and there may also be a tier 10 at some point in the future and the tier 10 may including the next generation tanks and armored vehicles like China’s MBT 3000, Russia’s T-14 Armta series, and South Korea’s K2 Black Panther.

So first up on the new Tier 9 tree is the M1A2 Abrams Main battle tank. For those who may know a lot about tanks know that the Abrams has out classed most of its real world rivals, but will not be the all in one miracle tank of Armored Warfare. The Abrams has a decent amount of upgrades that balance out it offensive and defensive capabilities well, The upgrades for protection includes the SEP system which stands for (Survivability Enhancement Package), and the TUSK armor (Tank Urban Survivability Kit), to anyone who knows anything about tanks you’ll know that the SEP is currently in its third generation, and the TUSK is in the 2 generation and the developers will most likely be adding these two upgrades to later updates for the game. Also the Abrams while not a racer car is one of the most mobile tanks in game.

Second up is Germany Leopard 2A6. This western monster is one of the most produced and sold of its western counter parts. In game the 2A6 will handle like a dream, and while it does not have a lot of the survival ability upgrades when compared to the Challenger or the M1A2 it does how ever sport the same 120 mm main gun used in the other Armored vehicles of the tier 9 class. The Leopard is by far faster than the Abrams and the Challenger 2 this is at the sacrifice of some heavier armor. The Leopards is best used as a for breaking through enemy lines to smash artillery while the heavier tanks slug it out with the other teams main battle tanks. Since the Leopard does not sport the same armored packages as its heavier counter parts it will place player using in greater harm of losing the vehicle if struck in the right places multiple times.

The Challenger 2 is the last of the Main battle tanks in the tier 9 for the western made tanks. This is one of the most accurate firing tanks in game as well as the most protected. The Challenger like the Abrams is out fitted with an Urban survival kit that is made up of a rear engine cage and reactive plates on the sides with the heaviest armor sits up front to block even the post powerful of anti tank penetration weaponry. The Challenger 2 is one of less maneuverable tanks due to its heavy basic Armor but can punch wholes in the enemy like to make up for this disadvantage.

The Russian entire is the most recent incarnation of The venerable T-90, the T-90 MS. The T-90 MS is Russia’s last tank based on the old soviet tank designs and combination of tanks to create modern tanks. The T-90 MS has a powerful 125mm main gun and can fire the Russian Army latest anti armor guided missiles. The MS because it is just a recycled tank at it’s core only has a remote controlled gun and bolted on reactive armor, does not sport anything new interms of capablity of matching the western main battle tanks.

Their are also a host of light and medium armor vehicles making their way to the tier 9 branch. The production model of the light Tank the M8 is one of them, the other is a new mobile gun from Italy. The tank support vehicle terminator is also now variable in the Terminator 2 variant.

As for the future expect the possibility of a tier 10 that will have the tanks of the next generation such as the Armata, and the 3000, along with the K2 and maybe the M1A2 SEP V3 of the M1A3 Abrams or whatever tank that will be Americas entire into the next generation.

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