Armored Warfare Update

We have great news for our Armored Warfare gamers. The newest Update will be bring built in recording software and in game screen shots. This update is the first of many updates that will added more game capturing software in later versions of the game. We are also going to address the possible future vehicles coming to the Armored Warfare experience. Also we will address how these feature can help our more competitive players will find the strategic value in this new system as well if players want to relive the previous nights victories. The update official number is update 0.14.0.

Lets talk about the value of the new system that allows for recording and saving of in game gameplay. Recently the developers announced that Armored warfare will have it first major gaming event with a faction of German nationality and another faction of Polish nationality. This team based event focuses just on that smaller squads of each faction fighting it out for points and special prizes, because of the size of the completion will be supported with squads we highly recommend that the squad is formed with friends in game because a squad that does not know or work well together will be dominated in stead of dominate. The record feature will help find players strengths and weaknesses in game. The record feature can be reviewed multiple times and in combination with other soft ware can be marked up to show in game issues and where to make improvements. This also work for a team on a strong winning streak because the reply feature to explore new strategies for better in game performances in game.

The screen shot features only one real function and that is taking really really cool in game shot. One feature from the trailer shows the an M8 tank making a jump firing on a Terminator tank support vehicle on a bridge. This is just one example of interesting pictures of tanks or armored vehicles that are capable of making extreme shots and jumps on the map.

Now for future updates. This is speculation but the next update may be releasing with the Next generation of tanks and other armored vehicles. We have talked a lot about the next generation of armored vehicles. One such example is the Russian Armata series. The Armata series will feature the tank, infantry fighting vehicle, armored personnel carrier and the 152mm Artillery vehicle of the series. This however wont only stop a the Armata series but may also include the boomerang armored vehicle as another support vehicle. If one of the next update does grant access to these vehicles a long with the last generation of the German leopard 2 tank series, South Koreans K2 panther Tank is also a next generation tank likely to be coming to the not yet released tier ten. Two other next generation tanks yet to be released either in game or real life is China new MBT 3000 and the last generation Abrams the M1A3 Abrams that is said to start testing in 2018 and may rival both China and Russia next generation armored family.

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