Armored Warfare Update 0.15

A few days ago the Armored Warfare developer staff released a new trailer for the next update. The 0.15 update has a ton of fixes and corrections for a better experience. Beside the tanks coming the developers have also made a few fixes to already existing armored vehicles. The upgrades and fixes also are given to the new Tier Ten semi futuristic tanks like the Russian Armata but also the developers are releasing a new premium tank a few generations ago the Israeli Defense Forces Merkeva Mark 2B Main Battle Tank and will not be one of the Tier tens due to tanks age.

Lets start with the new vehicles. The tier tens are the most modern and powerful the developers have to offer. The first is the newest and closes to full production and that is the T-14 Armata. The rest of the vehicles mostly western designed vehicles are either under a lot of development like the new Leopard Tank and the third generation of the American M1A3 Abramas tank series. All the new Armored Vehicles available in this update will feature state of the Art updates that depending on the vehicle may or may not give you the advantage in battle. Also we get a new wheeled vehicle call the Sphinx also a developing armored vehicle. the Sphinx features a Chain gun like the other light armored vehicles with Anti Tank weapons of the next generation.

Not only is it a new series of fight vehicles coming but also updates to the older tried and true classic vehicles. The updates and fixes are to help increase the main guns depression ability for a few of the vehicles. In a live stream posted almost a month ago, the developers talk about the how a smaller update before the Panzer fest competition and before the official release of Update 0.15. The small free update was the fix to make tank destroyer be able to depress their main guns on a more realistic than before. The depression update apart of 0.15 is one for all light tanks. The light tanks like the tank destroyers will also be getting a main gun depression update to fix some issues with the guns not depressing enough either.

Back to the main news the new tier ten tanks. The next generation of tanks will be the best protected and most powerful than any other combat fighting vehicles in history. The tanks in this update will have at some point active protection systems that will go further than the reactive armor plates that these tanks already have. The active protection systems like Israelis trophy and the Russian version that does the same job. These active protection systems are hands down without a doubt a game changer due to the greater risk and amount of time it will take to get a kill. A lot of the western vehicles mostly the american and British tier tens will not have the system for sometime before they get their own effective system that are offered by the Russian Armata.

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