Armored Warfare Tips

Today we have another great tips video to help new players get used to the way that Armored Warfares gameplay works. The tips we are going to look at are for the Self propelled guns that are howitzers that are on tank hulls. There major strength lies in their ability as support vehicles to help out the other vehicles with increased fire power from other locations from the map. The Self Propelled Guns are the kings of the battle field able to fire on any target on any point of the map but aren’t the best to have face other armored vehicles say tanks or fighting vehicles that are armed with wire guided tank missiles.

So lets break it down the tips in the trailer. The narrator is the same member of the Armored Warfare community that plays the game. The trailer goes into detail the types of ammunition that are High Explosives, Smoke, and flare. The High Explosive round is best used for countering all types of armored vehicles at a distance. The HE works as a splash damage weapon so everything that exist inside the area of damage of the ammunition will be dealt greater damage the close the target is to the impact point of the shell. The Self Propelled gun is also the one of the few vehicles to be equipped with smoke ammunition not only as a defensive counter measure against line of sight threats. The smoke shells can be launched a great distance to protect friendly forces on the other side of a map but also can be fired at a flat trajectory to protect the vehicle its self from close in threat. The smoke grenade launchers are also on the vehicle as a basic counter measure. Finally is the flare round. This illumination ammunition has a dual function it both lights up near by enemy force so tanks and other median to light armor to deal with but it also gives away your firing point to the enemy and will most likely draw the attention of the enemy forces big guns on your position.

Beside what the narrator gives as tips we are going to share some of our own with anyone interested in giving armored warfare a try. The self propelled gun class is a support vehicle class. That mean a lot of fire power to help the front line forces have a small edge over the competition, with that said the draw back is the weak armor of the class the armor is still better than some of the other light vehicles but if it comes face to face with something like a Bradly or heavier than there is not very much you can do but try to escape with smoke.

Also as a little recommendation because the damage system is loosely based on the real capabilities of each vehicles real world counter part western SPG are better due to there massive 155 mm guns versus the Eastern SPG with their 152 mm guns.

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