Armored Warfare Tips Main Battle Tanks

Armored Warfare is a great tank battle simulator. The game may still have flaws but is far better than the alpha or early open beta. Today however we are bring you a new “Tips” series from the official Armored Warfare page. The Tips are being narrated by either a member or the staff or a member of the games live streaming community like what Arma 3 did for bring tips and tricks to the community as a whole. We are gonna look at some of what the narrator gives in the form of tips and we will try and provide other tips to help in game matches and PVE matches.

So lets start the narrator introducing the topic of the game as the “Main Battle Tank” class. The Tank called the Main Battle Tank were designed to be a combination of median and heavy tanks class, especially the firepower and armor of the heavy with the mobility and maneuverability of the lighter median tank class. The video kicks off with gameplay of what looks to be a M60 Patton with the ICE camo skins that were released late December in time for the holiday season. The video makes a few mentions of the upgrades for the Main Battle Tanks, some of the developments touch on the fact that more modern tank will now have active protection systems like trophy or other similar system develop by Russia, America, and other global military powers.

The narrator talks a lot about team work, why? Simple team work is important even for the slugging heavy hitting fire power of the main battle tanks. The first tip is team the not only to ensure victory but also survival of you and your tanks. The narrator also talks about some weakness that will be like the scopes and optics of the tanks and how they are limited in capability. Also back to the team work aspect of the game the Main Battle tanks are weak on the sides and rear while the front is the thickest and strongest, team work ensures that an even balance of tanks can protect the flanks of a unit and increase the damage capability of the tanks a squad rather than a single tank going it alone against a group of Main Battles and a supports. Next while not directly mention support vehicles like artillery and tank destroys and recon are important for pushing enemies back from a position or finding them before they find you.

As for our advance on Armored Warfare is this, the game is a challenge to all levels of experience why, because the games developers have put the latest armored designs plus there protection systems in all of there glory in game. The key to succes is stratagy so it is key to go into a match with a team that knows there roles and to have there roles diversified with the range of armored unit options.

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