Armored Warfare Panzer Trailer

A few days ago the development team at Armored Warfare are working on a new tank competition that has the three warning mercenary groups from previous announcement events. The Tanks span military armor from the mid to late cold war era, and the post cold war era. The Tanks in the trailer demonstrate this with the Leopard 2 variant going back to the MBT-70 was a joint development effort between America and Germany, and is also the grandfather of both the Abrams Main Battle Tank and the Leopard tank series.

The Panzer event will consist of a contest between the three in game Germanic factions. The First is the so called The Remnant, the second is The Maulers, and the last is the so called The Bulwark. The most modern looking of the three tank forces looks like The Mauler faction. The Mauler faction is equipped with later models of the Leopard 2 tank such as the Leopard 2A6, one of the most powerful modern fighting vehicles in the world. The second is the Remnant tank faction. This group is out fitted with tanks that are of the late cold war era such as the Leopard 1 series as well as an early version of the Leopard 2 with the early version of the Armor set. The third tank faction is The Bulwark. The Bulwark faction is early Leopard 1 and a mix of eastern military hardware like the T-72 shown in the background of the faction photo shown of the competition page.

The three factions will be fighting it out on somewhat frozen or snowy maps that loose follow a Germanic winter setting to add to authenticity. A log of the maps are remixed and added winter themes.

The Full competition ends in a few days and there are two rewards for the first and second place. First up every player on the winning team or the second place team will also have this for all members. Now keep in mind there are two rewards and three factions so some people are going to be left out very disappointed. The grand prize for the first place team is the a full week of premium access. This includes cash bonuses and Xp bonuses for all. Second place wins a full three days of premium access, with the same benefits of both cash and Xp bonuses. The third place do not get anything other than better luck next time a part from that nothing else.

This will work across player versus player mode and Player versus the computers Ai to get points. That is essentially what it will come down to is points. The team with the most wins are what gets the points and will allow you the player to either win big or go home with a real bad competition loss.

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