Armored Warfare Massive War game

We have huge news regarding Armored Warfare. The developers are planning a massive show off force between two warring Mercenary Factions called “Mercenary Showdown”. We are going to explore some of the things in the trailer in game even the possibility of this being the launching point to introduce the Tanks of the next generation like the Armata, the Panther, and a few other tanks coming. Also we will take about the competition as a whole and what purpose the developers are starting it for. Also the possibility of prizes for the winning side such as advanced rank, in game currency, or even tanks.

First lets look at the tanks in the trailer. The trailer opens with the first true land stealth tank created by Poland for domestic use for the Polish army, and Germany latest version of the Leopard 2 tank series that will be the last version of the tank before Germany replaces the design. First up is the Polish PL-01 tank, this is really the worlds first tank design to incorporate stealth tech on a ground combat system. The PL-01 tank has an active protection system similar to the version that is equipped on the Armata in that it is a hard kill system. The tank is invisible to most forms of detection such as radar and various forms of vehicle detection, and still classified engine, and armor. On the other side is the German Leopard 2 tank. The latest version is the Leopard 2A7. The tank has sport lighter armor and improved engine performance but not much else has changed.

As for the developers releasing the next tier of tanks maybe releasing with this competition. One reason to believe is the most obvious both the PL-01 and Leopard 2A7 are both next generation tanks. The two tanks are built with the future of warfare in mind that is why the Polish tank has a stealth skin and the leopard is in development with low observable skin. So next to join the list is the Armata and not just the tank but the entire Armata series of combat vehicles. So it is likely that the Tier ten tanks will be making an appearance starting with this contest. The Armata and PL-01 have however been available for play far longer than most fans know due to the fact that they are beta vehicles being test on Russian and other Eastern and European servers.

The two factions of warring mercenaries are the “Whitelancers and the Hellhounds”. The reason for them fighting are unknown. The main event will be broken up into section of Player versus Player and Player versus computer matches, each team that has the most wins will be crowned the winners. There is no real word on whether or not there will be a prize at the end of the three rounds or so. The match will be starting by the end of the month, so sign up and join you favorite faction while you still can.

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