Armored Warfare Challenger 2

So a few weeks ago the developers of the modern Tank warfare game released Armored Warfare’s Tier 9 tank series this tanks are all upgraded tanks that were created and planed between the mid to late 1990’s and late 2000’s with the current generation of tanks ending with the introduction of the Russian Armata and the Korean K2. But back to the Challenger 2 in real life this tank is the destructive monster and pride of the British Military. The Challenger 2 in real life however is not available for anyone outside of western countries and wealthier countries to afford only a small number of these tanks due to the tremendous cost so which means mercenary can not afford the tank only owned by two countries.

In real life the Challenger two was part of the British military desire to never be out gunned or out armored on the battlefield the same way they were in the second world war. The Challenger in game is no different the main strengths of the tank are the same as the real version, it focuses more on fire power and protection vs mobility and speed. The Challenger will never win any race in the World the game takes place. The Challenger 2 is still one of the best tanks in or the tier 9 series tanks. The Challenger 2 like in the real world is really Only rivaled by it western counter parts like the Abrams and the Leopard two and the French Leclerc.

The upgrade tree for the Challenger 2 is similar to the other in the =game in that based on the real world specifications. For example since the tank is more focused on heavy armor and powerful fire power the upgrades reflect this as well, were as engine upgrades and track upgrades are not the same as they are for the T-90 MS is a tank that has more in terms of upgrades for speed and maneuverability that is one of the aster tanks of the game due to the real world way that Russia develops it armored forces tanks and other fighting vehicles. The Challenger Upgrades include added reactive plates with and RPG cage for the rear engine compartment to protect from shape charges. The Reactive plates once they are spent still do not show the side base armor of the Challenger so they still act as an extra defensive layer to the tank were as if an Abrams losses it side plates the Armor is exposed and can be dealt greater damage than when the plates were intact. The upgrade firepower of the tank is granted via better main guns that allow for shells to be fired with greater pressure and he shells them selves are also upgraded to the point were the Kinetic energy shells will be available. The Challenger is not invincible the best way to counter the threat it posses is with missiles and artillery only due to the sheer amount of armor present on the one vehicle.

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