Arma 3 new DLC

The creators of the Arma series Bohemia Interactive have announced that the road it will take to add on and make the Arma 3 experience a little more entertaining. The line up for the new DLC packs that will be avaible in the early fall of this year and the first half of 2015. The first pack that will be released sometime in june is called “Karts” will bring go Kart racing to the island of Atlas. The race courses havent announced but it is known that gamers will be able to race each with he go Karts or just be able to ride aroun in them for fun this DLC will also bring new costumes to go with the races. The second pack is called ” Arma 3 Helicopters” it will give playes challenges to improve their piloting skills and will also bring in two new transport Helicopters, this DLC will be released in septemeber however much of the content is still unknown. The last will be released in the first half of 2015 and it will be called “Arma 3 Marksmen”and it will have new combats that will have players really adjusting their aim and will bring new weapons to the ranged combat.