Arma 3 Eden Finally released

We have huge news regarding the newest update Eden. Eden has finally released to the entire PC gaming world. Eden is one of the last major steps to the end product that will be Apex. Eden is full of new features for both better support to the modding community, the mission making community, and all players who want to tinker with the new 3D editing system of Arma 3. The editor that the Eden update packs is very powerful allowing for the full manipulation of the entire zone were players are setting up a custom game with either live player versus player or player versus Ai system.

When we say that Eden offers the entire community the ability to fully manipulate the environment we mean it. The creator of a custom game can have it set so that both the opposing forces can have a full inventory of vehicles and weapons. One thing you see in the release trailer for Eden is the opening of a Helicopter assault with a boat assault flying with the light armored Hunter vehicle slung under the helicopter. The second part of the trailer is a full land assault lead by a combination of land and air vehicles on the coast line that the opening of the trailer shows, this is all thanks to the Eden. Eden allows for a content creator to adds things like the ability to create situations were either side can have reserves waiting to attack on either a timed or triggered point on the map. Eden will open the door to hundreds of possibilities for Arma 3 as it exists now, Arma future installments of the game, and most important the next major update Apex. The Eden update will as time goes include test feature that will fully release for Apex later this year. Also Apex is available for pre order on the official Arma 3 developers site.

Some veteran players may also be wondering about the 2D editor that is already in Arma. 2D will still exist in the present but will be fully replaced by the new 3D editor between the end of this year and the beginning of the Next year. The 3D editor will for now slowly combine the feature that work best from the 2D editor version of the game original design. While the developers have not commented on the official time for 2D full discontinuation in the Arma series it will most likely start after Apex is released in the second quarter of the new year. The 2D editor features will be fully added into the 3D editor around the same time as 2D is fully retired from active use in Arma 3 and any future installments of the Arma 3 series.

The future of the Arma series starts here with Eden and continues development after Apex full release. The results from these updates not to mention what the developers learn will influence were Arma goes from here.

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