Arma 3 Eden Update

A few weeks ago Arma 3 development team released a early road map of where they want to take the game and series into 2016. The team made it very clear that there will be two free major update leading up to the Large need to be paid for update that is called Apex. Apex is set to release later on in the first quarter of the year. The Eden update is a major editing graphical update to Arma 3 huge modding community. As of right now Eden is still in beta but is expected in the coming week and will be free for download.

The first thing to know about Eden is that this update will also be testing feature and builds that are going to be in fully released in Apex. Eden Update will be focused on perfecting the 3 dimensional looks and feels of Arma 3 environment, buildings, vehicles, and weapons, along with the Ai and avatars. For all interested there exist several new gameplay videos on the Arma 3 website showing off update Eden.

The development team working on the Eden update promise it will focus more on the 3 dimensional development of the game but it would still be keep the 2 dimensional for the time being until the full release of Eden. The exact words developers from the Arma 3 site are “both editors will coexist together for some time, giving everyone enough time to switch. But once the Expansion is out, we’ll aim to remove any trace of the 2D editor, and the Eden Editor will become the official tool.”. The two will exist for a undisclosed amount of time following Edens full release in the near future but the Arma 3 developers will be slowly fazing out the 2D engine. The developers are hoping that to really get a lot of valuable information to help further improve Apex before its launch later this year.

Apex has also been given some new news in regards to the new coop story mode that will come with Apex. The story will likely feature a new allied force consisting of American Marines and regional allies like the main Arma story lead by the American Army supported by NATO troops. The new vehicles will also be a VTOL jet that may be a fighter attack bomber like the F-35 and will exists in addition to the Osprey style VTOL from the concept art and the Fast attack vehicle. So far these three will are known to be coming to Arma Apex, the faction to which it belongs to is still in the air. The story will happen around or after the event of the main Arma 3 story. Also expect new and original weapons models not featured in the Story mode. One down side maybe the fact that Apex story may allow for include some the same plot as the main story the that Arma 2 had new stories like Arrow and the PMC story modes.

Eden will be released in the coming days or weeks while Apex is entering new stages of its development. One thing is certain both Eden and Apex will be what carries Arma into its next installment whenever that maybe.

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