Arma 3 Apex Release Date ?

Arma 3 Apex was scheduled to release in the 2nd Quarter of this year. While no one outside of the actual development studio Bohemia interactive knows the official date and everything else. However recently Steam had a new development for The release date. The Steam pre order on the Arma 3 expansion / Downloadable content pack is to release in June. Even though we’ve talked about what Apex is and the direction it wants to take the Arma series for future installments it seems that a date for an official release for Apex.

One of the if not the biggest features coming to Arma 3 apex are the vehicles. Now its has been announced that there will be new Vehicles like Fast Attack Vehicles like the Flyer Series and also Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft. A new vehicle was announced a few month ago its a simple islander jeep. The fact that only three vehicles are known that will server in some sort of military function is a testament to how tight lips the developers want to keep Apex. A part from Military Vehicles the Jeep released concept art is not originally military. A part From the jeep the developers have released images of the Plane from the official announcement trailer as well as a jet ski.

The part the vehicles play depends on the how the story will evolve since Apex will feature a coop story of some sort. The story really has one of two ways of being executed. First is the vehicles are part of a covert special operation mission that is being executed around the same time or before the events of main story. It is likely that the special forces involved will be using the Fast Attack Vehicles as well as the VTOL’s throughout the game. The second possible setting is a Full Scale amphibious invasion by BLUFOR Marines Most likely the United States Marines Corps will take the lead. The American Marines are the only large Scale amphibious forces that has Fast Attack Vehicles lighter than the venerable HUMVEE, and currently the US Marines are the only Infantry force using a Tilt Rotor VTOL aircraft in actual Combat. If the developers go with a conventional amphibious invasions there maybe a series of new Amphibious assault vehicles as well as light tanks and new helicopters to support the forces as well as new aircraft like an F-35 style Fighter. Also there will be new enemy vehicles designed to counter these forces as well.

Because of all the promises behind the Apex expansion where will the developers take the future of Arma. Apex is set to be one of the largest expansions for the Arma series. Depending on what is bring to the series the possible Arma 4 may include a ton of Upgrades to make the game more realistic than before. Also the game will be getting bigger in Scale. While we still have a way to go before the developers even start on an Arma 4, Apex will play a big role in its development.

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