Arma 3 Apex DLC Details.

So its the start of the new year for Arma fans because we have some great news for you guys today. The developers over at Bohemia have released the newest road map episode detailing the top ten things that the team is proud over of the previous year and what they are working hard at to bring us in 2016. The biggest being the Apex Update content pack. This pack will be coming with new weapons, Characters, a new coop campaign story, a new location, new vehicle classes two already confirmed as the Light Strike Vehicle and the other a VTOL tilt rotor type aircraft like the V-22 from Arma 2, and finally the new south pacific island that was released in a brief trailer in mid 2015 after the final Downloadable pack Marksmen was released.

Lets talk location last time on Arma 3 we were fighting on a Island somewhere in the Mediterranean as NATO against some new foreign aggressor called CSAT. Now however the new Location an Island in the south Pacific. No this new area is estimated to be bigger than the previous location but the scale and distance is not yet fully known. This new island called Tanoa will also be home to the new coop campaign that is also in development with the Update. The new Coop campaign will likely connect to the main story of Arma 3 story mode possibly even explaining were the surviving members of the SAS team that helped you in the main story of the game up until the last chapter of the story and the two possible endings that lead to the mother of all cliff hangers. So hopefully this will answer the question of what going in the story.

Now on two the second half of this new Update. Apex will be release with a few new vehicles and weapons. The New vehicles are the Light Strike Vehicle or LSV, and a super V-22 type tilt rotor with what looks to be a gun of some type for we assume to be for the purpose of air firepower AC-130 style for special forces protection in the area of operations. The Weapons on the other hand are hard to talk about because for the moment they could include assault Rifles and other basic infantry type weapons, how in the description on the official Arma website says “near-future combat, expand our line-up of more familiar / modern-day.” so it stands to logic that some new breed of maybe hybrid weapons could exists or maybe even newer more mordern versions of what already exists however as of now it is too early to say officially what the developers have in store for the future of Arma 3.

Arma 3’s Apex Update is available for pre order via the official store and will be playable sometime in the second quater of the year. So that is around the spring early summer season.

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