Should developers do Annual Release ?

So it is that time of the year when both Activation and Ubisoft tease what is on the agenda for there yearly installments of gaming content The Next Call of Duty and the next Assassins Creed. Now lets be real for a second these games and their respective developers have gotten really good at one thing and that is delivering a somewhat decent product with few correctable bugs on time. However the overall quality of the content has gone down. Both of the series have lost the things that made gamers throw themselves and their money for a chance to play these games. So the question is should developers really be releasing new games year after year even if what made the games special and fun is lost.

First lets look at the Call of Duty series. The owner of the gaming powerhouse franchise Activation promised at an E3 a very long time ago that it would release a new Call of Duty every year. While they have kept this promise and some have said that the quality of the games has gone down and become repetitive. One example was found on a social media page dedicated to gaming where many gamers called the story predictable, were as a few other thought the single player mode in general was a a terrible mistake. Also the themes of the games are becoming a bit too much, originally black ops 2 was the first time that call of duty went into the near future, then in Advanced warfare went further with exo suits, and currently with cyber limps for Black ops 3. The trend here is that the developers are making games more futurist than realistic, a trend that started with Modern Warfare the first one released in the modern era of Abrams tanks, and A/C-130 gunships.

Now on to Assassins Creed. Assassins creed is the one that should take longer to develop because the most recent entries to the game have some pf the worse bugs possible. Unity was infamously known for its longer than usual load times, its nasty little habit of freezing during gameplay and an almost complete redesign of it in game systems. Also the the developers at the new studio making all the new Assassins Crees titles have not really left a lot of what the original developers put into the game like the now how since Desmond is now dead all of these “new” assassins are joining left and right and are being trained in the virtual world and live the lives of Assassins past.

A lot of the things that are going wrong with some of these games are the product of rush development trying to have be released on an annual line up. Developers have announced plans last year to try and prevent this by activation doing its Three year cycle and rumors going around that the next assassins creed will release in the fall of 2017 and a squeal to watch dogs is rumored to be in the works to replace Assassins creed this year.

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