All Halo 5 Detail

Today we have some great news for those waiting for Halo’s next Update Ghost of Meridian content update. 343 on the Halo Waypoint today released images on ever piece of content that will be available sometime in the next few days. We get to see everything the new weapons, more armor, two new assassinations, maps, and more of everything for players to enjoy in game in the coming days.

Like we have talked about before Ghost of Meridian will have a load of advanced weapons based on the existing weapons already in game. One example is the new version of the “Tarturs Gavel”. This is more than a colored gravity hammer it is based on the first gravity hammer ever in the Halo series. While the hammers are not of the same design it is heavily implied that it is just as powerful as the original. Keep in mind the Tarturs Hammer is just one of three coming to this update. The second version is called Grinder. This new skin for the hammer this hammer is an ultra rare item and will take a while to find before you can store in your collection. The first the Tarturs gavel is rated at Legendary even though it is not original from the series The second like we said is Ultra rare and the third and easiest to find is rated at rare. The third is called “corps maker” this version may come with an added power up only because of the creative name the hard working developers deiced to give it. All three versions of the Gravity hammers will be available in the next few days in the update.

Next we have the new Armor pieces we have a total of three variants for the Dynasty set and two variants of the new Mark V alpha version. The three versions of the dynasty set look the same with the only difference being that the base version gets darker shades of red in the second and third variants called Lilioc and Cincindel. The new version of the Mark V also come in two new versions first is called “Gen1 Arcadia” and the second is called “Alpha Reflex”. The two new version are the base Mark V have a weird color design to them, The Alpha reflex seems to have a sort of LED style paint scheme to the outer shell to the armor. Topping off new armor is a new Visor option that is called Glacier and feature a nice blue shade that will complement both the Mark V and the Dynasty.

As for weapons there will be new skins for each of the halo 5 base guns as well as few more assassinations, and a new mode. The two new Assassinations are called “Fisticuffs” and “Take A Look”. These two new assassination are nasty and brutal in that they can be used for quickly getting rid of any trouble you may come into contact with. The new skin style is called blue steel. Blue steel looks more like a training color for war games. Lastly the new mod is a grenade mod that adds more grenade carrying space at the begging of a game.

All these feature plus everything that released before can be your by purchasing halo 5 on Amazon.