Advanced Tips Armored Warfare Light Tank class

Yesterday we talked about Light Tanks, and lets face it the truth light tank are not the best armored vehicles available. How if you still want to try out the light tank class than we present you with the Advanced Tactic break down. Now because the light tank class really is a really difficult class to master thanks to its short coming, faults and all around lack of armor until later cold war model vehicles like the M8 light tank with slopped armor.

Its also important to say that the information in the from the trailer is from the official Armored Warfare page and the commentary and advice on how best to play come from a member of the Armored Warfare community who plays a lot on a regular base. The Narrator in today tip video is from Fizzymilk757 who provided the trailer for the official Armored warfare YouTube channel.

The first piece of advance mentioned in the trailer is basically what was said yesterday which was “Light Tanks are Hit or miss” meaning some are useful while others not so useful. As the video continues the Narrator is seen using an Stingray Mark 2 model light tank the advice here is more modern tanks developed in the late cold war era are better than say a vehicle like the Sheridan tank from the 1960’s Vietnam era. The gameplay of the trailer shows how good a good light tank like the Stingray can be when in confronted by enemies. Also the narrator does a good job of explaining how to use the tanks acceleration and smoke. The advice here is that the defensive measures of the tanks are part of its overall strength in that you the player of a light tank can uses the speed to move around the battlefield to use hit and run tactics on the enemy forces and use the one of the three smoke rounds of ammunition to cover a fast withdraw when spotted. The other piece of advice in the trailer is use cover. While not mentioned out right the narrator puts his Stingray tank in places of cover one example is hiding behind the bolder and behind the shrubs to shoot at other tanks. A third piece of helpful advice is team work. The Narrator comes out and even says that “you’ll need Team work for light tanks to survive and be successful”, light tanks while more modern vehicles can due well on their own but they aren’t a super weapon you’ll need heavy tanks like the challenger or T-90 to fight tanks the Abrams in head to head fight on the front lines of a battle.

The negatives are sort of the same to what we talked about in yesterdays video. The tanks of the class for all there strength have great weaknesses. They cannot take a main battle tank head on and is more vulnerable to light artillery from distance than say a main battle tank.

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