Adult Only games Banned on Twitch because of Hatred

In just a few hours one of the rarest types of game will be released. What makes this game so rare and special you maybe asking ? the answer is its rating of Adults Only. The game in question is Hatred. Unlike other games that contain strong sexual situations or nudity or other explicit contain for the eyes of gamers over the age of twenty-one Hatred’s story focus on one character who is so mentally unstable all he want to do is kill as many people as possible this also includes emergency workers as well. Due to this early last week week Amazon the owners of Twitch deiced not to allow this game and other Adult only games to be uploaded and streamed to Twitch.

The main story of Hatred is to kill and be killed. The main character only seeks for his life to be ended because he “hates everyone” but before he can allow his self to die he wants to kill as many people as he wants and by any means necessary this includes shooting, blowing things up, and even slitting peoples necks in some of the most gruesome manner possible. His brutal murderous spree is not just limited to random people n the street but also to emergency works like the Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, and even doctors. Hatred’s only real story is of a man who want to kill as many people as possible for the reason hat he just Hates all of humanity.

The punishment for anyone who breaks this new rule and tries to uploads Hatred to Twitch will be band indefinitely. Hatred will be available June 1st only on Steam.