We have some great news lined up for today especially some news from today’s Apple town hall and how they are bring more gaming ability to their Apple TV, Ipad, and Iphone. Also we have some server news for any one Playing the Division. Also some Xbox news about Microsoft push to make Direct X12 a more reliable and simpler to use down the road as this generation of consoles continues. We will also mention some PC news like rumors of Arma Apex and Armored Warfare new scout vehicle.

Lets start off with the Server issues in the Division. Today Ubisoft announced a new round of server maintenance for its record breaking title The Division. The new round of maintenance is to correct the connectivity issues that some players have reported to Ubisoft Technical Support teams.

Now starting Sunday this past week we have entered the season of spring also the second Quarter of the year. What does this mean? Simple we are now only a few weeks away from the Highly anticipated Arma 3 premium update titled Apex. Apex will be a world apart from the main gameplay Environment of the main Arma 3 story mode. Apex will feature story that revolves around the same conflict as the main story but in stead of Europe you will be taken to a new south Pacific location. The Apex update has been confirmed to have new Vehicles like Tilt rotor aircraft and fast attack vehicles, but may also include more water vehicles like amphibious assault craft and other assault vehicles. Also expect new weapons and some returning from the main story mode of Arma 3.

Next we have Armored Warfare. For those who don’t know the developers have released a new version of the famous french Military Scout car called the Panhard Crab. The Crab is better on every single way to its older cousin the VBL PanHard. The new Crab has a better gun a faster engine and improved Anti armor capabilities that can kill more advanced vehicles.

Earlier today it was announced that Microsoft will be updating and fixing Direct X12 released with Windows 10. Direct X has been having serious issues with performance and reliability. The new fixes will be rolling out with those who have the preview program or Window insider access will be getting beta versions of the software soon.

Finally Apples town hall event from today. Now apple has slowly been creeping into the gaming market with advances in power to the Apple TV, Ipad and Iphone / ipod devices. So today when Apples CEO began to talk about the devices he stated with Apple TV. Apple TV with siri connected remote to access Itunes extensive library, a library that also includes a vast selection of game available for download and playable via the Apple remote or stand alone controller. Next are the mobile devices, The Iphone, Ipod, and Ipad. Both the new 4 inch Iphone Se and Ipad pro will receive performance upgrades so they can better handle the games running on either device. Also the CEO went as far to say that the new products were more powerful than last generations Xbox 360 in terms of processing power. This comment plus apple tv new found gaming power may mean that apple is considering joining the Console wars of Microsoft PlayStation and Nintendo as the Apple brands gains more and more power.

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