PlayStation 4’s Future

It is no secret that the PlayStation 4 has dominated both of it two closes rivals the Xbox One and the Wii U leaving them securely in second and third place for the first two year of the console generation. However recent consumer reports show the Xbox maybe coming a lot close to passing the PlayStation in American markets an some European markets. A lot of the Xbox’s new found favor is because of the backwards compatibility that the new windows ten update for the Xbox offers. Sony however is ready to try and regain the its original lead over its rivals, however the main ideas for what Sony is planing to release some new content but it feels a little too late for the redemption they plan on taking over it chief competitor Microsoft’s Xbox.

First up is Sony’s recent announcement of backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 2 games. This idea feels like something fishy because even though Backwards compatibility brings past gen games to the current generation, the reason this works on the Xbox one is be cause the graphics do not need to be remade due to the fact that a majority of the those older games are perfectly capable of being played at 720p. Back to the the idea of PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation 4, personally all those games would have to be given major graphic upgrades to make sure that the game functions the way it is supposed to be rather than a bunch of ugly pixels moving around on the screen. Also it would have made more sense to bring all the PlayStation 3 titles due to the fact it is easier and the graphics do not need much of update compared to the current generations. Also a lot of the developer of the games have been merged with larger company or just do not exist so getting copy rights from whoever may own them now.

Sony is now also releasing a PC and Mac app to allow wireless streaming to a computer, or mac. This idea is something that has been tested on the PlayStation 3 with steam streaming games from your PC to TV. However the idea for this is to do the reverse and allow anyone who owns the app to stream PlayStation games to your PC. Sony has played with this concept before with Sony’s smart phones that allow streaming from PlayStation to anywhere with the Smart phones with the help of the built in app and a phone mount. However Microsoft is still a head of Sony here as well because now Microsoft has added the ability to edit and add your own voice to the gameplay clip. However this is still a work in progress and everything is still in early development stages.

Lets just hope that Sony will add these upgrades and features to the PlayStation 4. However its okay to be a little bit skeptical in the belief that Sony could get away with doing this, the vast cost of this not to mention it would be to do all these project will fall on the PlayStation owners to bare the cost so expect this to coast some kind of amount if it does become reality.

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