Armored Warfare T-62

One of the most feared tank used and produced during the Cold War by the Soviet Union was the T-62, this tank for its time had a lower height than its western counter parts, primitive night vision system and an incurable high speed. So in honor of this past veterans day the developers of the modern tank game “Armored Warfare” have decided to bring this tier 3 tank into battle with a completely new camo skin. First to clarify Armored Warfare feature tanks of post 1950’s designs to the newer tanks such as the American M1A2 Abrams, The United Kingdoms Challenger 2, and the Russian Federation T-90 MS.

The new camo skin that the developers have for the T-62, that like most special edition camo’s give some new bonuses. One of the new bonuses is with the new skin the Tank will be able to deal more damage, however the higher damage level that the tank will get will still do better against tanks of a lower level or of lighter groups out side of the main battle tank tree. Also in regards to damage do not expect to get one shot kill on a tier 8 or a tier 9 tank like the Abrams and the T-90.The Armor of the T-62 will be able to take more punishment than then the slandered version of the tank, but like previously mentioned to not expect this tank to magically be able to go toe to toe with a higher tier tank just because of its little paint job upgrade.

Apart from the what the new camo offers to the base version of the Tank it is believable that the tank can and will be upgraded with the available upgrades in it tree. Similar to world of Tanks and War thunder all tanks including the T-62 all have there own respective upgrades that are available to improve the tank. For example because the new paint job offers better firepower with the base version of the tank it is safe to believe as you level up the tank and gain access to more powerful armaments there by increasing the tanks power by the camo paint and the power the more powerful ammo or main gun grants. The same rules apply to the Armor upgrades in that the protection that the highest level armor grants it will be greatly increased by the paint job just like the base model of the tank.

These new little feature are available from November the 11 to November the 22 and is available now in the beta and in the main game when it releases later on. Also the developers have said that more tanks are on the way but it may be a while before we are able to play with the new generations of tanks in real world development. The future tank releases may be the T-14 Armata series that is the new Main Battle Tank design of the Russian Federation or the K-2 The Republic of Korea (South Korea) original Third generation tank like the Armata.

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